Papers are referred to a paper or paperboard which is used for various applications such as packaging and others.


Paper is porous along with high elasticity and high tear resistance.


Kraft paper is designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.

Kraft papers are light in weight and tough in physical properties.

Kraft papers have no harmful effect on the environment. 


Papers are used to create a vast variety of products including but not limited to: 

  • Carryout bags 

  • Grocery and Shopping bags 

  • Wrap and freezer paper base stock 

  • Industrial converting and packaging applications 

  • Protective packaging applications 

  • Writing & Printing Paper, Paperboard, Newsprint and Specialty Paper 

  • Waste & Recycled Paper, Wood and Argo Residue 

  • Tissue paper, filter paper, tea bags, lightweight online coated paper and medical grade coated paper 

  • Other specialty Kraft paper products including wet strength and red rosin 

  • Paper water Bottle 

Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch

The Kraft Paper zipper Pouch with zipper is available in different sizes from 28 grams to 1 kgs with coffee beans volume. 


In these Zipper Pouch, we can fill products like coffee, tea, superfoods, protein powders, raw foods, organic food, powders, spices, baking mixes, nuts, flours, organic coffee, organic teas, some jerky products, cookies, snacks, seasonings, chocolates, candies, organic pet food, rice, sugar, salt, popcorn, various beans, etc...


Standard plastic Zipper Pouches/Foil bags are made with 100% non-renewable products and it is not Degradable. 


Our Kraft Paper Zipper pouch is made with 40 to 60% eco-friendly Kraft Paper. Balance 60 to 40% of packaging is PE from fossil and it contains additive that helps to breakdown over approx ten years.


The shelf life of the product packed in Degradable bags will not be as good as normal plastic packaging. Please test the life of your product before ordering the bags. Please change to Degradable packaging to add value in your packaging.

Colours Available : Brown & White

Types of Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch

Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch without


Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch with

Rectangle/oval Window